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While the undead Lucy sleeps, Holmwood plunges a stake through her heart. The men then cut off her head and stuff her mouth with garlic. After this deed is done, they pledge to destroy Dracula himself. Now married, Mina and Jonathan return to England and join forces with the others. Mina helps Van Helsing collect the various diary and journal entries that Harker, Seward, and the others have written, attempting to piece together a narrative that will lead them to the count. Their efforts seem to be going well, but then one of Dr.

As Mina begins the slow change into a vampire, the men sterilize the boxes of earth, forcing Dracula to flee to the safety of his native Transylvania. The men pursue the count, dividing their forces and tracking him across land and sea. Van Helsing takes Mina with him, and they cleanse Castle Dracula by killing the three female vampires and sealing the entrances with sacred objects. The others catch up with the count just as he is about to reach his castle, and Jonathan and Quincey use knives to destroy him.

I feel that the book cover should be very dark, and have a very harsh colour theme. Suitable materials would be things like using a very rough paintbrush, dry paintbrush or use oil pastels. The most recent editions have a very dark background and white typeface. A white border surrounds the box that the image is put into. The image is either a photograph, painting or some form of visual art. They seem to be very realistic, either way, for all the books I have researched. Approaches to 2D and 3D advertisements. There are many popular books that have gained enough attention to be able to create merchandise and more for them.

Harry Potter is a very popular book so I have chosen this book to research into the way their 2D and 3D based items have been approached. This little item is a small but effective way to have merchandise for the book. They are small key rings in the form of all the books. This could have been made completely out of paper and card, and would have been entirely designed digitally. I think the layout is smooth and the way that some parts of it has been placed is a great way to appeal to the consumers. This interacts with the audience on a personal level and allows them to shop easier by category of which they would prefer.

The sections are titled vaguely, with three categories. Each of these titles contain sub-categories, which go into more detail, then a last subcategory which are specific for what is included under the category. This is an effective way of advertising and bringing in customers since the books look as though they are coming through the glass. From looking closely, I can see that the books have been sliced in half, at different angles, and somehow stuck onto the glass, parallel to each other on each side of the glass.

The product has been set out in a normal shelved layout but surrounding it are models of the Oreos in a larger scale which look like they have been bitten into and seem real. Also, the shape of the shelving area is circular to mimic the shape of the Oreo. Personally, I think it is a pretty basic design, but it still communicates what the product is. Book covers are designed in a vast amount of ways in terms of process and materials. Sometimes, they are made fully on a computer based program or can be fully hand crafted. They can also have a mixture of these two approaches.

The designer has used the title to create a physical representation of it, which is a deep grave. The top looks to be fake grass, which is effective to make the product really feel like it is almost realistic. From what it looks like, the roots and dirt are flat images, but have a realistic texture to it, which would have been made digitally on a program like Photoshop.

In order to make it stand out, the title has been made to be white, and in a serif font, which shows that it is probably not a modern book. From what I can see, the line just above the title gives the effect that it is really under something, which adds another image to the entire thing. I find this book cover interesting because it contains two photographs that have been blended together in a form to create this outcome. This would have been made completely digitally, perhaps by blending them together and removing the rest of the image that exceeds the outline of the girl.

The entire image has a cold feel to it, since the cold colour of different hues of blue have been used throughout. This may have been achieved by adjusting the hue overall and adding a slight fade effect to the photographs to make it easier on the eye to look at. I like the font used in this design, because it looks like it really is meant to be there, and also communicates the possible mood of the book. This book cover makes use of negative and positive space. As clear as is it, the larger hand is the positive space, and the white background is the negative, where a small hand is seen going into the bigger one.

This creates an effective book cover because it is simple and not crammed with visual activity, but it is also a pleasing design to look at. This could have been made either traditionally or graphically.

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Looking at the typeface, each letter is different, which brings me to the conclusion that the lettering has been hand made. The texture of it is quite rough and handwriting-like, so it could have been written by using a rough, thin brush and white paint. This book cover is sharp. The image in the background is pretty basic, but teh way the lettering has been made is creative. It looks as though the paper has been cut into and slightly folded.

Since all the letters are different, it is most likely that this would have been hand-made. From what would make sense, I think the designer had printed out the image and cut into it the letters. The parts that stick out would have been slightly folded. I think this a good approach to allow the reader to visualise what the book is about. It would make sense to say that this was made entirely digitally. In order to test out materials and techniques, I will experiment with the ways that have already been used above, but relating them to my chosen book s by slightly changing the design and techniques.

This book cover has been made using the lino cut method, where the lino has clearly been carefully carved into curved and straight lines. The image made is effective but is rather mixed due to some of the items on the page being slanted and others very straight. From what i can see, the empty area where the text is has most likely been edited digitally, on a program like Photoshop.

The designer would have cut out the area and filled it with the colour white, the added the text on top in the golden colour. To find some first hand ideas, I went to the library and picked out a couple books. These books stood out to me particularly not only because of the refined details but because of the colour choices.

This book is simply just the bottom of a face which looks to have been de-saturated and the lipstick a very prominent red colour. This makes use of the space given and shows some aspect of texture. Looking at the overall picture, the book will most likely be based around a woman, perhaps a romance novel considering the typeface that has been used suggests.

The use of yellow hues give it some sort of calming impact. I like how the image itself is of, what looks to be, a hobbit walking out of a rounded door, almost as if the viewer is walking out with the hobbit. I started to test out a vast amount of materials and approaches to creating hand made covers, as ideas.

Rather than immediately choosing my final book cover, I decided to experiment for almost all the books in my research.

This allowed me to link in some of the elements with relevant books. I used a few different sizes to cut the lino in order to get all aspects of detail. The reason for this is because it was a simple idea to relate it to the book, and would be easy to identify what it was through the lino texture. As visible, I printed it twice on paper to capture the different thicknesses of the paint and the texture that it would create. Though, it still looks effective because of the rough textures it has, making it look worn and aggressive which matches the plot of the book.

Development in Photoshop could allow me to make this look much better. This experiment was purely made from randomly adding colour to paper. I decided that I wanted to try use watercolours dry to see what the texture would be like. I used multiple shades of blue and some black to allow the whale shape to stand out. On top of all this, I added splashes of ink to see the effect of how it would turn out.

On the other hand, the use of dry watercolours turned out quite nice and gave a nice texture. This concept would allow the reader to visualise this or interpret it to however they please but it would end up linking to the main intention anyway. I like how this turned out but it could be improved by correcting the proportions of the hand and its placement. This image was made purely with just ink. Then, I added a few drops of ink in different areas and let it flow down the page, then added small drops of water on it to symbolise blood and mess. It also gives a sense of chaos to it, revealing what the book has to offer.

For this experiment, I used these colours because I thought they would nicely portray a spiritual feel. The reason these particular colours were chosen is because they are both warm and cold colours. I simply made this using acrylic paint. This one is entirely drawn using spirit markers. I chose these particular colours on the skin as, from what I know and have found out, the monster is many different colours.

This could be made into a book cover but would need to be edited to make it look a bit dimmer and relate to the book more. This final experiment was using some sort of 3D method. Looking at it, I think this would be too plain for a book cover and too bland. In order to improve, I could probably add some colour and even make the heart smaller to make use of space. Experimenting with graphical techniques. I made 3 paintings all together of different people in different lighting.

The reason I used Microsoft Paint is because of its limited tools, it allowed me to create obviously painted paintings, giving them textures that show the brush strokes. After testing out all my materials, I took the one I thought would look best for my chosen book, Macbeth. I took my lino printed design and placed it into Photoshop to test out. What I first decided to do was add it both the pictures of my lino cut image and experiment with the layer blending mode to see what kind f effects I could get.

Some effects gave it a bit of colour of had it in some way adjusted in contrast and brightness. To change this, I looked for a brush that had a resemblance to the cuts and grooves of the lino, and drew in the outlines and details. This brought out the main parts and made it the main focus of the page. Even though Macbeth is quite a chaotic book with murder and evil, I think it should be a little more settling on the eyes. The colour red works well but there is too much of everything.

For my next experimental idea, I decided to use the same kind of methods, by experimenting with layer blending modes.

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I added the dark lino cut image into the file and used that as my background. On top of that, I made a new layer and filled it with a solid colour, then changed the blending mode to make it settle on to the background. I added another solid layer with a different colour and also changed the blending mode, which gave me a nice mixture of colours on the whole page.

Still, the page was too defined, so I adjusted the levels of the original background image to give it a slight fade. After that, I got the image of the dagger that I drew using ink and calligraphy pens.

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  • I placed that as the highest layer so it would be above everything, and changed the blending mode to make the black on the page stand out more and the background to be invisible. I positioned it at the top centre of the page to make it look as though it was being hung down. I liked this idea that I had designed, so I decided that I would develop this by re-drawing the dagger and adjusting the colours used.

    In order to find the most suitable design, I drew out a few different daggers. The first one was drawn using the end of a paintbrush dipped in ink.

    Lee Stimmel

    I did this so I could see what effect would be created and the texture that it would make. It turned out quite rugged a blotchy since the shape of the end was a little rounded. It made a unique effect but I still prefer the calligraphy pen designs,. This is the third dagger that I drew out, referencing from images off the internet. I added splashes of ink to imitate the design I had made earlier. On the same page, I added little drops of water to make it look a little thinner, as I did originally. Since the blood was going to be a different colour to teh dagger, I decided to make a drawing of the dagger and the blood separately.

    I drew out the most appealing dagger, which was the second one, and the blood splats with ink. After completing the hand made designs I took a picture of them and incorporated the best ones into Photoshop. In order to achieve the same colours and design that I got previously, I used the same technique of adding two solid colours over the lino cut picture and adjusted the blending modes. I made sure to adjust the levels of the lino cut picture to give it a slight fade and make it much more subtle. After I had done this, I made all the layer visible again so I could see what it has made after mixing them together.

    It brought me to see how highly saturated the image was and how bright it was. For the dripping blood, I imported the ink splats that I made earlier and rotated it into positions. I chose a sort of old looking font so that it would be suitable to the time period that Macbeth is written and set in. At first, I was going to make the font black, but I ended up changing it to dark red to match the blood.

    Following the change in colour, I spaced out the letters more and made the font size smaller to make it look much more appealing. Rather than keeping the design the exact same as before, I tested out the different layouts I could use by placing the dagger and text in different positions. I enlarged the dagger and placed it to the right, leaving a large amount of space in the centre. This next test, I decided to change the rotation of the dagger and placed it so that it was pointing upwards. I also placed the blood drip in the top left to make it seem as though it was dripping from the book.

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    The title, in this case, I had changed to be black because I wanted to see how it would look here. Since I personally thought the initial design was the best, I stuck with that one.

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    Rather than keeping the blood at one colour, I made it all black then added a soft hint red to parts of it. I did this by changing the hardness of the brush to 0 and using some sort of airbrush effect. This allowed me to smoothly add the red to the black, blending it in nicely. This is the final book cover. It is a dagger pointing downwards, with blood dripping down.

    What could have been done to make it better is by tracing the dagger rather than drawing it free hand, or even just had the outline of the dagger rather than every detail to make it more minimalist. The process of making this would be by using the similar methods that was used to make books hundreds of years ago.

    Since I would like the cover to be very textured, like wood, woodworking could be a part of this as well as incorporating the use of chisels to engrave the dagger from the book cover I designed. For the actual book display, my idea is to have the books piled up to make a throne or a structure that imitates a throne, to represent the main part of the book, which is Macbeth doing all he can to be and stay King. This would also make it more appealing and perhaps even persuading to buy the book from the stack to see what it is all about.

    This image shows an existing idea of a sort of chair made from piling books. This is an example of a 16th century throne, where the back on the chair is much more extended than usual and the legs all join. In order to bring a better visual idea to life, I Photoshopped the existing image to fit my idea. First, I needed to make the back of the chair longer, so I selected the back of the chair on the Background layer and copied and pasted it.

    This allowed me to edit the shape and size without showing any of the blank page. After that, I used the marquee tool to select parts of the top and sides to cut away in order to give it the rectangular shape that is present in the 16th century throne image. Any parts that showed the white background, I added a copy of a similar looking area on top to cover it. This is the final design idea. Before looking into the graphic designers themselves, I first need to find out the popular graphic trends that will be present in in order to pick the most suitable graphic designer who would inspire me for the final designing process.

    As expected, it is predicted that will be a year of very modernised styles and trends. Colours would be brighter and some elements in popular graphic designs that now exist will apparently be forgotten. A lot of the designing elements mentioned on the page seem to concern styles that are very futuristic, as well as some of them having mixtures of both graphic art and photographs. Personally, I think that trends will most definitely be very modern and have a futuristic feel about it, therefore it would be most appropriate for me to choose a graphic designer that is either young, so I know that they are more familiar with the latest trends, or any aged graphic designer who works on designs that reflect some of the trending elements for the current year and the upcoming year.

    Fortunately, typography is anticipated to still be a huge part of trending designs in It seems that designs often contains typography in creative formats. Knowing this, this gives me a wider range of graphic designers to choose from than what I was expecting. Alex is a graphic designer who accommodates his work with different branches of designs concerning the types of clients he gets. His clients are people who travel through music, fashion and more. This, to me, implies that Trochut is very experienced in terms of designing for a variety of clients, which means his ability to understand what he is given and to produce an outcome for it is great.

    I personally think this means that he most likely incorporates his knowledge of anything he has seen in the world growing up into his work. Alex says his work is geometric and fluid, which further proves his statement that his work is contemporary. I have chosen Alex Trochut because his inspirational works are very compatible with modern and soon to be trends. This is very helpful as the work I will be producing will preferably be in a style that would best suit the latest trends in This particular design had caught my eye on his website, due to the modernised design of it.

    Kristi Yamaguchi

    It looks as though he has cut parts of the number out, rotated it and repeated to create this effect. He used the colour blue in different shades which gives me the impression that he is trying to imitate a calm mood as blue is usually seen as calm in graphical terms. This entire design looks to have been made digitally since it is very sharp and has areas which look quite obviously cut off.

    This shows me that he may not always generate ideas from scratch and immediate planning, but some parts of his idealising can come from just accidents that he ended up finding handy to use for his work. When it comes to the design process, Alex starts out his drafting in different ways according to what exactly it is he is designing.

    I think this is a good idea because it allows him to create a design that has aspects of his personal experiences as well as the main reason for it being designed. I could probably use this same idea when creating my design as it would make it much more simpler to generate ideas. Eventually, Bierut may end up developing this initial idea or generating more ideas that are slightly different to it. This is why I would personally start by generating multiple ideas instead of only choosing one that I end up creating in my mind early on. This could even lead to me deciding that i prefer the new ideas over the initial.

    Priority of one client over another can sometimes be based on the difficulty of generating ideas and researching for their particular briefs, so to prioritise a more relatable client over a less relatable client would probably be better off the other way round. A lot of his work seems to be in monochrome which gives me the impression that he prefers his designs to be minimal when it comes to colour.

    Many of his designs are a large amount of images or lettering put really close together to fill a certain space. In order to make these, he most likely would have found a shape of some sort and used collaging methods to fill these spaces using typography or other solid shapes. Personally, I think it would be good to keep her ideas in order to look back on them and even generate more ideas from those she has previously made.

    She believes that implementing personal life experiences into work is important. From my perspective, her work looks like it is a mixture of hand-drawn and digital rendering. Her work is along the lines of pop art and fine art in some sort of mixture. Some of her designs are mixtures of typography and images and others are typography laid out in a specific way to create a distinct image out of it. From what it seems, her designs are produced digitally, seeing as the typefaces she uses are sharp and proportionate and the images she uses look like they are cut around.

    It is obvious she edits the images digitally by adjusting the colours via saturation, hue or threshold, then adds a solid colour fill for the background. In this design, it seems that Scher has cut out the face of a person and placed it in the centre of the page and placed a threshold on it, changing the colour of the dark areas to blue. She has used a solid yellow colour in the background which is a complimentary colour to blue.

    She has changed some of the words to vary in size and length but still fits nicely. I like the use of this format because it stays on the line of having a pop art-like design. Vivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer. Her designs had apparently brought modern punk into the mainstream trends. She started designing back in , which definitely tells me she has a lot of experience, which could also mean her designs must have developed over the years and she would have changed certain elements of her fashion designs too during that period. I think this shows in her designs, possibly explaining the reason they are iconic designs.

    Her fashion designs are very artistic in a way since she incorporates particular colours and certain patterns in her designs. Wonderland magazine features different layouts on each of the pages. Sometimes the double page would have one page as an image and the other filled with information whereas other times, there is the main image as a background, the title overlaid and the information also overlaid near the bottom.

    10 Movies That Were Filmed In Victoria, Australia

    This double page spread is dedicated to Rita Ora. A photograph of her has been used to fill the entire background, her name bold overlaid and boxes of text, in different heights, on the foreground towards the bottom of the page. This magazine layout is one solid picture on an entire page and the other filled with information. The information page is simply just a white background with black text. As far as I can see, each paragraph of information is variant in size, where the text looks like its been enlarged on the first and the remaining two are of a smaller size.

    This final double page spread is similar to the layout as the one above, where there is an image on one whole page whilst the other page is filled with the relating information. The title matches the colour of the paragraphs of information whereas one part, which is a quote, is in a solid white and is larger in size, most likely to highlight the importance of the quote overall.

    This allowed me to get first hand research and delve deeper into the layouts of the magazines. This style is the use of typography, applying similar attributes of the text all of the magazine itself. I noticed that a lot of the larger lettering is a little cropped, giving some of the words a slight sharp edge. The text also is altered in the way it is set out, where the words can sometimes be cut off by aligning them to different lines or some of the letters can be really spaced out, like the picture above. It's a little bit cool that they kick but I love all the animals in the world but it's ok I like it it's cool.

    I love this website so much! It is a good way of learning all about animals! Very nice! My sister loves Zebra's and loves every single animal on the website! Ask a parent or guardian to check it out first and remember to stay safe online. See all. Zebra facts! How much do you know about these black and white beauties? Zebra herd: Chris Johns. Thanks for the great post! Thank you for stopping by. I love them, too. Thanks for following, too. I really appreciate it.

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    Tattoo Tuesday is going to be fun. I have six tattoos. All of my tattoos mean something special to me. Most of them were though out and not a result of a drunken Saturday which inevitably happens in college towns. After I lost my step father, I got a tattoo of something he said to me before he died.

    After two years I got it covered up with something beautiful because I realized that the tattoo I got was representing a negative time in my life, rather than something hopeful. Tattoos are great, but sometimes you have to really understand your intentions. Hi Whitney, I have heard stories about drunken tattoo decisions and seen a couple in person and I feel bad for those people for not getting to experience the tattoo.

    Picking an artist you trust, creating something that is meaningful to you and then committing to put it on your skin for life. You miss out on all that if under the influence. Get the tattoo and then celebrate and get drunk later. Memorial tattoos are great, but I agree with you about making sure it is a positive connotation.

    I am also getting some great ideas about future post from everyone. Do you have a favorite tattoo? I agree. You can tell the difference between people who take a tattoo seriously and those that come in spur of the moment. The one on my back is my favorite. It is a lotus flower with an ohm symbol in the middle. The tattoo artist I was working with an extremely talented lady had been working with ways to cover up script. She basically free handed the tattoo and it came out beautifully. Lotus are kind of my thing. The one I want covered has faded a lot, it is about 10 years old, so I hope it will be easy to cover up.

    My favorite is on my ankle. Chinese bull holding bamboo three pieces of bamboo that symbolize the people I came to China with. It was free handed from a stuffed animal and just makes me smile every time I look at it. I love lotus flowers too! They are so beautiful. I bet they can cover up your tattoo or make it even better. Your bull tattoo sounds so cool! I love tattoos that are unique like that. I mean, I established a great relationship with my tattoo artist, but I made it clear that I wanted the art to go on the way I had designed it.

    Your design was perfect for this spot.