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The laser then melts the surface of the absorbent plastic, and because of the heat transfer the transparent component also melts. The advantage of this overlap welding is that the weld seam is created inside the structural component without any particles of any kind being released.

Laser plastic welding

With workpieces that are not transparent to the eye, this creates an esthetic and almost invisible seam. A great advantage of laser processing is the fact that heat is transferred locally — so weld seams could be created in direct proximity to electronic components, for example. For the welding process, joining pressure is essential: a clamping tool presses the two weld components together, creating a pressure that is necessary for heat transfer between the two of them.

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Uniform clamping of the components that has been adapted to the shape of the welded plastics is a prerequisite for high processing quality and reproducible welding results. During laser welding of plastics, laser outputs of up to approximately watts are typically used. We use cookies for the provision and functionality of this website.

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In the quasi simultaneous welding application any welding contours can be realized with the help of scanner heard. The usage of closed loop welding temperature controls allows great process safety and control. During the transmitting welding the laser beam is transmitted by the first join partner and absorbed by the second join partner.

Laserweld Plastics

Because of different pigment additions today plastics can be welded highly tensile in diverse color combinations. The top cover that is transparent for the laser beam is welded pressurized onto a black basic body that absorbs the laser beam in the infrared wavelength range.

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Other laser polymer welding applications in the automotive industry. Legal Notice.

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