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She can Realize as well, but it might be wise to save her S Gauge for a group attack when she's able. You might have noticed your fighters are still feeling the pain from the last fight; heal up with Rin or items and then group attack Laru. As for that series-specific rule, if Hyoma either finishes Laru himself or starts the group attack that finishes him, you will get the Ice Key. If not, you will get the Volcano Key. It really doesn't matter which one you get since you will be going to both places in due time and character recruitment is not affected.

Hayate will also steal the Initial Key and run away. I see no real point in outlining each branch for this chapter because, really, the only major differences are the events. The whole point of this chapter is to find Shizuku, and I can tell you now that she'll appear in act 2 no matter what. Hope I didn't need a spoiler warning for that. Side missions will also appear for locations you've unlocked. Right now, that's just Radiance Island. To get on with the game, use the key you gained last chapter.

If yours was the Ice Key, feel free to skip to the next section and disregard all the references to Shizuku. Pretend she isn't there. I do all the time. The "Shinsengumi" quest introduces Okita Souji of the historical Shinsengumi. You'd think it's bad that he's all alone, but that's not the case. There's only two enemies and Okita's Realize allows him to avoid damage and counter by inputting button commands.

The mercenaries use guns so they don't necessarily need to be close to you to cause damage.

The Puppet King: The Chaos Wars, Book 3

This is why Avoid is really, really helpful. You know when you can use Avoid when there is a pause before the mercenaries select an attack and the camera focuses on Okita. Four arrows will appear on the screen. Use the d-pad and press the one that glows along with the circle button and Okita will completely dodge the attack. If you see "Counter" on the screen, hit the square button and Okita will retaliate.

Whether or not he'll use Counter is completely random, and since Avoid uses one S Gauge, he won't be able to use it all the time. Don't feel the need to run and try to take cover from the mercenaries. Just stand your ground. That way, you will be in range if Okita is lucky enough to use a counter attack. They deal pitiful damage, but it will add up over the course of this fight. Luckily, a rift in the fabric of space time or elfin magic; take your pick will have given Okita Hyoma and Co.

If you stay in Realize and use Avoid and Counter and are lucky, you shouldn't need to heal. The rest of your main group will arrive just as soon as Okita finishes off the threat. He will then join as an ally, which is awesome because he's an awesome guy. The events leading to this next fight should be a warning that a series- specific battle is taking place, the warning flag being that Hiro knows Gaizan. If not, you get the Blue Wing Key.

The former unlocks Wallace and the latter nets you Tonaty. Which one you want is completely up to you. If you have no idea who either of those people are, check out the character section at the start of this guide and pick which one suits your tastes. You can only chose one or the other though. It's how they try to get you to play this game multiple times. Let Gaizan and Emily work their ways toward you instead of actively pursuing them.

This is a good tactic for a majority of these fights. You want to eliminate the small fry before they overwhelm you. Sure, they do piddly damage, but when you've got three mercenaries group attacking you with either Emily or Gaizan and their turns are one after another Depending on how full their S Gauges are which will be very if you attack a lot without finishing them off , you could very well get group attacked five turns in a row.

Of course, that's very unlikely at this stage, but just wait. Gaizan and Emily are fairly quick, so they'll move in early.

Reward Yourself

If you want, put Okita at your end of the bridge and have him Realize. Hopefully, he'll start Avoiding to hold them off. Everyone here enemy-wise is packing, so they don't need to be close to attack. Instead of standing your ground like in the last fight, play hide-and-seek. Remember that you can move before and after you take an action. Since the enemy actively seeks you out, you can stay put and let them come to you, attack them on your turn, and then move away from them. Try not to keep everyone huddled together or you'll end up on the wrong end of a Wide Shot or Shrapnel Bomb attack.

Remember also not to chip away at Emily and Gaizan until all the small fry are gone. If you split your party to try and tackle everyone at once, you'll have filled up their S Gauges enough to Realize and group attack you. Plus, they'll just shrug off light damage. Not good. You probably want to group attack more than Realize on this one. Hayate, the scavenger, will pick up the Ice Key or the Volcano Key if you're following the other branch and whatever other key is left depending on who whooped Gaizan.

Be sure to use both in the gate back home. The first key will open up a new island and the second key will automatically summon a knight to join you, which is a totally dick move. Where am I?! An Ally: You're in Endia. Oh, by the way, there's no way to get back. New Guy: What?! An Ally: Why don't you join us?

See a Problem?

We're looking for a way to get back to our own worlds; maybe we can find a way back for you too. Piss off! Branching is a pain; you get the idea. If you came here first, back up a section to get the jist of Golugore.

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No matter where you are, Shizuku will be there, being worthless. I normally wouldn't pass judgment on characters like that, but Shizuku doesn't seem to want to make up her mind about her method of attack her offense and mentality base stats are equal. Unless you give her an over- powered weapon for either offense or mentality, she'll deal poor damage with either physicals or magic. Since you now have more than five people in your party, I'll start making note of instances where characters are required for battle.

This is one of them. Shizuku, Uru, and Karen will already be on the field, meaning you only get to add two people. There are no special quirks to this fight; Nicole is not a series-specific boss in the Chaos Wars sense; he's from Shadow Hearts if'n you can't tell , so pick whoever you want.

Series: Dragonlance: The Chaos War

This stage is not tough at all. I didn't even need to pay attention to the TV while I was typing. Feel free to charge right into the fray or use this time to practice different battle strategies. While I'm being judgmental, let me just say that Uru has the potential to be an absolute tank if given the chance most characters do if leveled enough, to be honest Don't let his short Realize time and high-SP Knockout skill deceive you; in later parts of the game, SP and S Gauges are nothing to worry about, and you can group attack with For the Child two turns in a row under the right circumstances.

And it will obliterate everything. And it will be awesome. This section is already over? You get the Devil's Guardian Key for your trouble. This will summon Mue, who will not be able to Realize until much later because of a plot device i. This does not mean she is useless; it actually makes her a reliable group attacker since her S Gauge isn't going to be used for anything else. Use at your own discretion. Since there's so many allies to chose from and more on the way, I'm going to try and make the upcoming strategies as generic as possible with a few exceptions.

For now, stick with fighters you are familiar with or like particularly. If you can't figure out who that is yet, do some side missions. Act 3 Here's a hot tip: there's recruits hidden in the side missions. The first time I played this, I found this out purely by accident. There are actually dropped hints in the dialogue you can read at your base regarding some of these hidden allies, but the characters that appear at your base are random, meaning that it is never guaranteed that you will encounter the character you need to talk to to learn where to go, which means this mechanic went from kind of cool to frustrating in just under.

FYI, when someone mentions an island, something will undoubtedly happen there. The hidden character in Chapter 2 is Carmine. The clue for this is with Rin: talk to her any time during this chapter and she may mention that 1. The 1 is Carmine, and the. Simply get rid of all the enemies on the map you can control Carmine here even though he hasn't technically joined yet and you will have gotten a new ally.

Note also that since character recruitment automatically takes you back to your base, you will fail the mission no matter what if it was labeled "Quest" and had a reward. Since he's a vampire, his quest will only appear when the sun is dark; this means between something like phases 0 and 2. You may have actually seen it pop up after finishing the first two acts; even though it's a Main quest, it doesn't need to be completed to progress. If, like me, you aren't in the right sun phase, do side missions until you are. Uru is required for this fight, which should not be strenuous, so feel free to split your group into two: one should head right for Grand Papillon and the other can take care of the couple monsters off to the side.

All the monsters here seem really slow, so you should get plenty of turns before they do. Grand Papillon will run off once the map is cleared. Afterwards, Uru will unmask the thief and Joachim will join as well as give up the Coin Key. This will open up the Shop on the Gate.

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Check out the "Base" section of the earlier part of the guide for more on that. The items in the shop change from time to time, so always make sure to check back. This is also the time to start selling those conversion items you've been winning. Yes, that's all they are good for. Yes, they sell for piddly Dia. Because this game doesn't like to hold my hand, I did more side missions for about another hour, waiting for a Main quest to appear, before I realized that Rin was always standing in front of the stairs like she wanted to talk to me. So I indulged, and a new mission opened up at Radiance Island.

So, yeah, talk to Rin to progress. No special rules here; go all out in any way you please. You get the Wolf Fang Key for winning. During the event leading up to the next phase of this act, Okita will recognize Ryoma Sakamoto, which means we've got a series-specific branching point boss fight on our hands. Luckily, this one is easy. Since I'm focusing on recruitment, it is imperative that Okita be the one to finish Ryoma because if you don't visit the islands in a specific order this time, you will miss out on some good allies.

So, first thing you should do is put Okita on the field. The last thing you should do is make sure he attacks or starts a group attack that finishes Ryoma. Get rid of the dragon guys lounging around. You can do this without fear of serious attack from Ryoma since his quickness is pathetic. Translation: he's slow as hell and will only attack maybe two or three times before you can focus on attacking him.

Just make sure Okita is at the start of the attack that does him in and you'll get the Desert Key. If you got the Time Key, reload or understand that you will miss out on some allies. No, they are not really brothers. He has the same Avoid skills as Okita and he will always deal critical damage when in Realize form, but he also suffers from Slow As Hell Syndrome. Use at your own risk. At this point, there are more branching paths, but I will speak no more of them since I am only concerned with getting the most out of a single playthrough.

Select the "Over Dose" Main quest to continue. Grave and Mika will join as allies before the fight, and they are required. Some gun-wielders! The first round is all mafia small fry. Still, it's probably best to attack them one at a time. They're fast, much faster than Grave and Mika, so you probably want someone like Okita on the field who has high quickness. Heh, Mika didn't even get a turn in my playthrough and fell right away. Grave is the better gunman here, if I may say so.

He has the tank potential. Afterwards, a Gungrave boss will rear his head, but he's not our next opponent, so no special circumstances. The Orgman enemies here are slightly slower than the mafia ones, but there are quite a few of them spread out. Use the same tactic you did last time since the layout is very much the same.

Your party starts kind of spread out since Mika and Grave are already out, so you might want to try splitting up your remaining three fighters to cover those two. Especially Mika; damn, she died again in my game. Pay special attention to enemies with the Heart of Glass attribute. Those poor bastards take all damage as critical, so you can safely tackle them with a solo fighter if their offense is decent. You get the Ice Crystal and Time Keys for winning. Act 2 Use your Ice Crystal Key for one of the most random Knights ever, although she is the only one to respond to the situation in a believable manner.

Like Mue, Koyuki won't be able to Realize until much later for whatever reason. At least she comes equipped with some decent magic [which you can blatantly steal]. Before we continue with the main game, let's get one more ally. You should see a main quest back at Radiance Island "Thriller Night" if you've followed the guide thus far.

Therein lies a guitar playing ghost with a name that rolls right off the tongue: Rocketbilly Redcadillac. Say it out loud for good measure. You better believe we want to recruit that. The enemies here should be cake at your level. No lie. Afterwards, Rocketbilly will join as an ally. NOTE: RB is needed to recruit someone else as awesome as he is down the road, so make sure you recruit him before too long if you wait! Back at your base, you should probably have assembled a group that you are comfortable with.

Feel free to do some side quests to level up a bit. It's a good idea to have a tank or too a couple levels above the rest. Remember that it is really easy to level up allies quickly. Choose a mission and have them attack as often as possible. Because stats go up with most actions, the more they work, the more they get for it. When ready, use your Time Key. Act 3 Toriltram Island gives us the "Self-Professed Detective" Main quest and throws an interesting new character in our path. Er, three new characters. And drama! Take it outside! Oddly enough, Okita is not required for this fight even though he started it.

There is a key to be won of this battle and it is one of those weird battle requirements that only the folks at GameFAQs could help with: two keys are available here and which one you get depends on the sun's phase when Ryoma is defeated. The Huge Serpent Key, which unlocks Orochimaru no, not that Orochimaru , will be yours if the sun is waning Don't know who they are? Neither did I! Check the character section at the beginning of the guide to get the jist and pick your poison.

They're both heavy drinkers. Great at parties. Ryoma's speed has gotten infinitely better since last time. He even rivals Okita at this point. You should still get the Gia-Gis out of the way first. Don't chip away at Ryoma until you are ready to take him down. Chipping means adding to his S Gauge, and his Knockout skill is enough to kill off someone in one go if you don't watch their health. Don't be worried if Ryoma gets some hits in while you're doing other things.

You should have healing items at the ready you have been shopping, right? Bide your time until the sun is where you want it and then finish him. Zard will show his face and give you a key to buy your trust. Good enough. He will join your team for the second stage of the fight, but don't get too comfy with him, as he won't be with us for long. He will come back; just not for a while. The monsters here could be a problem for lower level fighters, so Zard may come in handy. His Realize makes him look like he just came from Kingdom Hearts 3 try-outs, but it's got useful attributes if the sun is right.

He seems to take damage like a glass house though, so keep the healing items close. You'll get the Idol Key for finishing. Uru and Grave are immediately thrown onto the field and a wild Roger appears. And you can try to name him! This would be an awesome throwback to the Shadow Hearts series if you actually got to select letters, but you can't. The Orgman enemies are nothing special. If you haven't been using Grave or Uru shame on you , have them hang back and act as group attack lackeys or don't use them at all and have your three other fighters do all the work.

Uru convinces Roger to come with us so we can lock him in the basement when Nicole appears once again. We've got another guy on the field too. He is fairly quick and is going to make a beeline for your party. Like with Ryoma, just take the pain he dishes and work on getting rid of the Orgmen. Nicole is no real threat. If you're confident in your allies' abilities, leave some at the end of the bridge to tango with Nicole and have the others focus on Nagare's direction.

Okita that beautiful bastard and Hijikata are good to put out in front because of their Avoid and counter attacks. The idea is to let the two swamp your fighter and attack, letting them take lots of damage to get the S Gauge up. Then, when their turn rolls around, heal and unleash a Knockout for massive damage. I used this strategy with Uru's For the Child and it damn near killed Nicole in one shot. If you don't underestimate your opponent or your ally's defense, this works extremely well in upcoming fights.

Bait 'em, then take 'em down. There's nothing to be won from this fight, so no special rules. Act 5 Ready for an act chock full of Shadow Hearts? Sure you are! But first, you should notice Rin standing at the base of the stairs. This means that she won't let the game go on until you hear her out.

Time to pad out gameplay by throwing in a grocery shopping mission. NOTE: Uru and Karen will have to fight the first stage all by themselves, but the monsters are low level pansies so you don't need to worry unless you get caught on the wrong end of a series of group attacks.

Eh, you might want to make sure at least one of them is leveled. Uru then makes his move in pure Uru fashion. Alice and her uncle Gepetto join as allies. Alice is still alive! Oh no! Then we get a glimpse of Anastasia and Kurando, who need our help. This fight is very unforgiving, as it pits you against fast monsters, Shelley who is a pain in the ass , and only leaves you two of your own fighters to throw in the mix. Shelley's Realize has a wide damage radius, and she deals increased damage to characters when they are Realized.

Stay away from her for now and take out the two creatures behind you. There is one thing you need to do in this fight to gain access to an ally later. It's one I first found purely by accident and made me ask myself, "How many other allies have I missed because of random recruitment mechanics? Have Gepetto Realize and Shelley will react on her next turn since she appears to be a doll aficionado. She will hint at something interesting at Pagoras Island to be found later. It can be difficult to get rid of the monsters while avoiding Shelley.

It's vitally important not to whittle at Shelley until you're ready to go all out. Plus, she knows some upper level magic that is a real Pain lol. Bite the bullet and swallow your healing tablets until all the fairies and popples are gone. Then group attack Shelley into submission. Don't Realize unless you can use a Knockout skill. We get the Smelt Key and two more mouths to feed for winning. The first thing you need to do is shop. Shop for your life. That one possible ally you [should have] had Gepetto Realize for in the last battle? The power of GameFAQs has deciphered that, to recruit said ally, you need to use the shop i.

Quiet, you! If I had to venture a guess, it has to do with the nature of said ally's Realize. You'll see what I mean. This is the perfect time to get to know your shop. Tons of great skills lie therein, making your party's collective move sets fully your own. Don't skimp on the items either. Healing items are vital and the ones that cause ailments like paralysis, sleep, and illness can help buy you time in a tough fight. You can go for this new ally anytime after this point, but I do not recommend it until your fighters are at least ranked in the upper twenties or thirties.

When you feel you have met the requirements, head to Pagoras Island with Gepetto in tow and do any quest with three stages to meet Polytan on the second. Have fun fighting him; he likes to break the fourth wall, even with his Knockout skill. In order to recruit him though, one doll must beat another. Gepetto must be the one to finish Polytan, but he can only do this on the third stage the second was just a warm-up. Use your other party members to get his health down low enough for this and use Deadly skills to keep it down or Illness Powder to keep it off.

Careful, his rank is dangerously high, but the real threat here is the monsters that appear with him. No matter what, take them out first. They are stronger than Polytan, but they have far less HP. You can't afford to take on the bear with them breathing down your neck.

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If done properly, you'll get a scene in which Polytan reveals that he is a total perv. Oh, and if you're thinking "Wow! A level 34 ally at this stage in the game? I'm set! His stats drop as soon as he joins your group. This applies to most allies gained this way. Act 1 Use your Smelt Key to add the Upgrade function to the gate. The specifics are outlined in the "Base" section of the guide. There will be two main quests available, but let's get a new ally because you couldn't possibly have enough at this point.

I believe the cue for this new recruit is from Carmine: talk to him and he'll say something about Tippi sensing something at Garaze Island, so go there and pick a mission with three or more stages. Like Carmine, Monica will appear in stage 3. Simply finish normally and she will join. That way, Zard will owe us one.

He'll owe us big time after making us That's right. There is a whole quest dedicated to cleaning a backyard. With dragons. They all suffer from Slow As Hell Syndrome, so even if you use someone like Hijikata or Alice, you will run rings around them if they're at a decent level. Some magic users might be good here because all of the dragons have the XL Size attribute, which decreases damage taken from physical attacks.

They'll move to swamp you, but it just puts them in your clutches. The next stage, however, is worse. Cockatrices will invade and their quickness is nothing to sneeze at. Put fast allies in or count on people who can take damage over a large number of turns. Their Ghenna Breath has a large hit radius and causes the ailment status, and they can also paralyze you. Stand your ground and let them smack you around a bit as if you had a choice and use items to heal every turn.

Your full S Gauges will speak for themselves. You get the Two Spears Key for finishing your chores. Use it at home to get Zeonsilt, a worthy spear specialist. Hyoma's going to have to fight all by himself in the coming quest. For the strategy below to work, make sure he has the God's Breath skill. When ready, select the "Bride from the Jungle" quest at Pagoras Island.

The first stage requires Hyoma along with a four-person party. It isn't without its peril either. Not much you can do about it if it happens unless you have some Nectar on hand. You should only really worry about it if they kill off two-thirds of your party, but that's unlikely. Plow through like normal. The next stage is where things can get tricky if not prepared. Hyoma must fight Wruzel all by his lonesome.

To up the odds of winning, I recommend making sure he is equipped with the best stuff on hand and has the God Breath skill. Since the two start far apart, just have Hyoma stay in place and use God Breath every turn while Wruzel comes up to you. It's a cool skill because it raises both offense and defense, so when Wruzel Realizes and attacks, you should be okay.

Use it as many times as you like or until you run out of room to hide. It will also have raised your S Gauge so you can Realize too. Hyoma might even get two turns in a row, with a chance of using Guilty Break for both. Now that I think about it, I wonder why I had so much trouble with this the first time I played this game Oh, yeah.

Wruzel is a hard hitter; I can't think of any easy way to finish this stage that doesn't involve using God Breath. Wruzel will join and give Hyoma the Ancient Key as an engagement gift. Yoichi arrives in time for the last stage. Wruzel is required for this. Yoichi's end of the field is crowded with enemies, so feel free to retreat and take care of the two stragglers on your end while waiting for the rest to funnel in. Remember, Yoichi is packing a gun, so he doesn't need to be close to do damage.

Depending on the phase of the sun, these guys can pose a challenge. If your fighters are fast, you should have enough time to take damage, heal it, and then dish it. Act 2 Back home, it's character recruitment time! If you have Rocketbilly Redcadillac recruited and why wouldn't you? I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Series description. Related series Dragonlance. Die Erben der Drachenlanze. Dragonlance: Kang's Regiment.

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