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In that internal form, the person ironically becomes both vampire and victim. Examples are such flagrant consumers of our energies as phobias, obsessions, and compulsions that can hover over us like monsters waiting to devour us. One of my patients, a year-old art major, when asked to draw a picture of his fear of heights, drew a lifeless figure of himself being held in the claws of a giant monster.

His drawing vividly depicted the over powering vampire nature of his fear. In my past-life regression studies, parasitic vampirism was often found to be related to some painful, unresolved past-life experience that continues to hound us in this life. Here are a few examples drawn from college students:. In a remarkable example of parasitic vampirism with threads of past-life origin, a year-old student's fear of sunlight, along with the compulsion to wear dark shades even when indoors, was a reaction to past-life torture in which his eyelids were cut away and he was left to die in the desert with his arms bound behind his back.

Incredible as it may at first seem, our case studies found that knowledge of the past-life sources of parasitic vampirism was often sufficient in and of itself to overcome this plight. In many cases, phobias, obsessions, and compulsions with a very long history were instantly extinguished through a sudden flash of new knowledge. One of the great teachers of all time summed up the power of knowledge this way: "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Among our greatest challenges is finding new knowledge and applying it to empower our lives while making the world a better place for all.

Who could argue with that? Joe H. Slate is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice with a PhD from the University of Alabama and postdoctoral studies in hypnosis and psychosomatic medicine at the University of California. He is Emeritus Professor X OOPS! Please wait while we add the items to your shopping cart Search Results. Your Account. Your Wishlists. Wishlist 4 My List 1 Another List 2. Shopping Cart. Main Menu. On Sale Now! Almanacs Calendars Datebooks Other Annuals.

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New Releases. In Our Paranormal Blog. I did an investigation for a client, and we'd turned up ample evidence that something paranormal was indeed occurring at their Tarot Accessories. Young Adult Titles Available Now. Order Your Copies Today! Authors Home. We can all use some more positive, good vibes in our lives! Here, Good Juju author Najah Lightfoot details why these simple practices are so powerful and positive More Events.

The Llewellyn Journal. All of the great Holy Grail stories point towards a physical location, the Grail's home. But where is this location?

Psychic stress in cranial–cerebral tumors

Temples of the Grail author John Matthews uncovered new texts that may point to Tarot: Looking at Both the Mundane and the Divine. Browse Blogs by Subject. Reading and Understanding the Marseille Tarot by Anna Maria Morsucci and Antonella Aloi is the first book that actually got me interested in this style of deck. And There's More! Terra Preta In the depths of the Amazonian basin, a specific type of soil is found that is known to be of human origin — but which modern science has so far been unable to reproduce.

That has not deterred the dream-spinners of Hollywood from supposing that dinosaurs survived into the present The Lost World , or that they can be genetically recreated Jurassic Park.

Though the controversy has continued, largely undetected, some intrepid researchers and scientists have most likely been able to answer the enigma. Fake Porn The Peruvian Ullo temple with its giant phalli seemed to good to be true — a largely intact temple in which a cult of fertility had survived the onslaught of Christianity? Some of these would survive in name only; some, such as Macchu Picchu, were later rediscovered. None is more lost, and sought after, than Gran Paititi — for there it is, apparently, where the lost gold treasure of the Incas is. Though often eyeless, they still gaze along the shores of the island.

What were they built for and who were the artisans of these mysterious creations? It was the Vatican of its day — and four millennia after its heydays, continues to dwarf all other religious buildings. Here, we are confronted with the reason what has made Egypt so enchanting.

Today, nothing remains, its stones dispersed over various buildings of medieval Cairo. Equally, its true importance lies scattered in various ancient accounts, from Diodorus Siculus, Plato, and many others. Let there be light! Deep inside the crypts of the Egyptian temple complex of Denderah is an enigmatic room, which for some depicts evidence that the ancient Egyptians knew the secret of electricity. But could it be that the scenes reveal an even bigger mystery?

Dogon Shame Modern research has shown that the Dogon did not possess a belief that they originated from Sirius, or were visited by beings from that planet. Instead, it seems this myth was written into the records by early French anthropologists. But the biggest man-hewn stone is not to be found in either of them. An impressive stone worked into a wall, situated off the beaten track, weighs an estimated three hundred tons. On the wings of a kite How were the pyramids built? How were obelisks erected? A new theory from a group of American amateur kite enthusiasts has provided new inroads in trying to answer this mystery.

The Egyptologist, the Sphinx and the cover-up The clampdown on excavations at many archaeological sites in Egypt and the inconsistent attitudes of antiquities supremo Dr Zahi Hawass on the existence of tunnels and cavities within the Giza Plateau suggest a hidden agenda is being played out. It is clear that this was a very profound event for Mankind — the entire world was spellbound by it — even with a new freedom will exist for Egyptology, when Zahi Hawass, surrounded by allegations of extra-ordinary nepotism and corruption, eventually had to resign too.

Down into the Giza underground A vast network of caves and tunnels is believed to exist within the Giza Plateau, but so far the Egyptian authorities have refused to give credence to the idea or conduct scientific explorations. But could it also be the origins of the ancient Egypt culture? Just before the First World War, a team of European explorers went to Jerusalem, to dig for the Ark of the Covenant…an expedition that has largely been forgotten, though it was one of the most intriguing ever.

The story of the Dzopa and the stone discs of Baian-Kara-Ula was a controversial topic, made famous by Erich von Daniken. Hartwig Hausdorf queried the Chinese authorities about the subject, and a remarkable story resurfaced. The Dropa tribe and their stone discs revisited More than a decade ago, Hartwig Hausdorf reignited the debate as to whether aliens had crashlanded in the remote Chinese mountain range of Baian-Kara-Ula.

Over the past decade, several elements of the story have been confirmed. White Masters in the deserts of China? Do they validate some of the ancient legends? New evidence suggests that James Churchward, the man who claimed to have seen evidence of the lost civilization of Mu, was indeed shown a secret library. German tour operator Thomas Ritter claims he has been able to enter it. But what is less known, is that Jung was more of an alchemist and Gnostic, then a psychotherapist. With his head in the stars Carl Sagan led a controversial life.

Sagan was no stranger to controversy… and in the end became a controversy himself. The Hyper-dimensional ambassador Terence McKenna was for some more guru than a man whose lifestyle had been moulded by very deep experiences of an alternative reality. For the rest of his life, he would strive to bring awareness of that dimension to our reality.

Mack goes to the UFO convention Harvard Professor John Mack was what many people believed the phenomenon had always been lacking: a big-time professor who spoke up for the reality of the phenomenon. Who is the man behind the myth? And though some have labelled him the father of Western philosophy, it may be that he was not that father at all.

Psychic stress in cranial–cerebral tumors

Mirin Dajo: Wonderman Just after the Second World War, the Dutchman Mirin Dajo made himself into a living enigma, as his body was able to be pierced repeatedly, without suffering any internal injury or even bleeding. Sixty years on, the world has largely forgotten what he did, even who he was. The Master: Philippe de Lyon Philippe de Lyon was one of the most famous thaumaturges of all times; he was also one of the most impressive clairvoyants of the 19th century.

Aide to the Russian Tsar before the controversial Rasputin — who seemed to take up the space Philippe left behind — he was both revered and controversial, and according to some, on par with Jesus himself. Raymond Abellio: a modern Cathar?

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GENERAL Cave paintings: entrancing the Otherworld New research is showing that the cave paintings, most tens of thousands of years old, are the earliest religious expressions of the vision quests of the shaman-priests. The rise of the Watchers The Watchers: legendary angelic creatures mentioned in ancient documents — but apparently also the identity of the grey alien beings of modern UFO abduction. A study in parallels — whether genuine or mythical… Food of the Gods? Are mushrooms the real food of the gods? Does it contain a hallucinogenic substance that was known and used by ancient cultures and its priests to gain access to the World of the Gods?

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The alternative conquest of the Moon Man officially set foot on the Moon for the first time in July Or if you believe we never went to the moon: it is promoted that we officially set foot on the Moon for the first time in July But there have been stories that extraterrestrial beings had already been to the Moon, or had a basis there… and even that we ourselves went to the Moon long before Neil Armstrong. At present, some of the answers about the monuments they left behind is becoming clearer, but questions remain as to who this civilisation was, and what became of them.

The lost civilisation of Atlantis has been located virtually anywhere in the world… and some have even gone as far as space… Researcher Robert Sarmast has now concluded that the lost civilisation must have been located near Cyprus… and he may be right. But what lies at its origins — and could its origin actually not be a language, but what many termed the original method of communication? The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Mystery The account of the finding of the world-famous crystal skull in the Mayan city of Lubaantun was a cover story to hide the truth about how explorer Mike Mitchell-Hedges actually acquired it.

The road not taken The Cult of Mithras, rather than Christianity, almost became the religion that dominated Western Europe. It failed, but intriguingly, we now hardly know anything about it. Run for the gods The notion of sport as a religious exercise seems alien to us — with only the Olympic Games having some remnants of this sacred character. Indeed, the earliest athletes were said to have been the gods and mythical heroes themselves. Where art thou, Troy?

It may come as a surprise, but the location of Troy is once again in dispute. Rather than Turkey, new thinking places it in Northern Europe… or even our skies. Biblical rationality The list of prediluvian patriarchs is for some evidence of the veracity of the Bible, for others evidence of the impossibility of the biblical accounts. But whereas some accounts are based on faith and the sceptical arguments have logical holes, a third alternative seems required. But in the late 19th century, Mankind once again began to reach for the sky — sometimes with imagination and symbolism, sometimes purely because it could, and wanted to show as much.

Rolling Stones Bosnia not only has pyramids: it also has a number of enigmatic stone spheres, on par with similar balls found in Costa Rica several decades ago. So far, no-one has been able to explain the Middle American balls; can the Bosnian discovery assist in revealing their purpose?

Ripper magic Long before Hannibal Lecter, Jack the Ripper was the first serial killer that attained worldwide notoriety. But could he have been a murderer that was performing a magical ritual? And in recent years, it is clear that a lot of attention is being focused on the numbers 11 and What really happened, and what did they truly believe? The Labyrinth Way Labyrinths are a cross-cultural phenomenon, found in millennia old caves and medieval Gothic cathedrals.

What do they represent? The Unknown Shroud Largely forgotten, in a barely exposed part of the cathedral of the Spanish town of Oviedo, rests the sudarium: a cloth that proves the Turin Shroud is more than likely genuine… and that the resurrection of Jesus occurred. American metal plates For decades, metal sheets with writing have been recovered from various archaeological sites in South America. The ancient Americans, it seems, knew perfectly well how to work with metal. When seeking out any form of alternative therapy, protect yourself by getting a solid recommendation by someone you know and trust, who's had a positive hands on experience with the practitioner you are considering.

Happy healing! Interested in developing your own psychic and healing abilities? I suggest Astara. So many people are caught up in the phenomena side of psychic ability, when the focus should be on spirituality. As you develop spiritually, your own natural psychic and healing abilities naturally develop.

With the whole psychic thing becoming fashionably hip, there is a lot out there to choose from and If you are going to open yourself up to communicating with spirit, I suggest you be picky about who you are opening yourself up to. Astara was founded in and has thousands of members around the world. The have created an amazingly organized system of teaching spiritual tools and truths through the Astara's Book of Life Degree Lessons. You can also send a prayer request for anything you would like healing on whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual, right over the internet, regardless if you are a member or not.

Happy Development! I fell in love with Elizabeth and her story. Make a positive habit of repeating this mantra whenever you find yourself having an unhealthy thought. After you master this, see if you can catch yourself mid-unhealthy thought, stop and substitute this mantra. In no time at all, you will be choosing these healing words over harboring any unhealthy thoughts at all. I have spent my life and career obsessed with one thing, healing. I have always believed that no matter what issue or problem may be in one's life, there has to be something out there in our world that can resolve and heal it.

I truly feel with what I do, it is my duty to become aware of everything out there that I can, so that I can turn around and share what I have found and that really works with you. If it happens to fall in the realm of metaphysical- alternative healing- natural product, etc. When Britney was preggers with her first baby, People Magazine did this life stopping story where they had me and several other psychics predict the sex of the baby.

So I took my second psychic look at the then queen of pop and got that she was having a boy.


I risked my rep and allowed People to print what I saw. Luckily ok maybe not so much luck, but thankfully I got it right and a boy Britney did have. Can any of us be so shocked with what happen to Britney? It really is a choice where you chose to vibrate your energy. Britney shot to fame, a beacon of light that was so sparkly and bright, everyone wanted a piece of it. Ever wonder why performers, at least good ones make so much money? Because they are healers, at least they are healing you when you listen to their music or watch a performance and feel moved by it.

Imagine what it would be like to have so many people thinking about you at the same time. One might start to feel a little claustrophobic even if you are home alone. We never really stop to comprehend how everything in this universe is made up of energy. Britney has had an entire world of people in her space holding on to little bits of her.

Listening to her music, watching her videos, buying her merchandise, everyone one of those things whether you comprehend it or not, actually contain a piece of her energetically. If you were waking around with the just about every person on this planet focusing on you, you might be lead to trying to get out of your head by consuming a foreign substance or two, especially if you have no other tools to deal with it. My first look at Britney happen several years earlier, I was up at Sundance and in a restaurant sitting at a table next to hers.

I can guarantee you that being psychic is not like anything you think it is. I do not walk around psychically on twenty-four-seven. Britney not only has all of humanity haunting her space, her mind, body, and soul have now became so marinated with altering substances, the girl is no where near the essence of who she really is at this point. Some not so nice dark and scary energies attach themselves to the person who is using.

The user becomes an all you can eat buffet as the life force is sucked from them on every level. Britney has so many rips and tears and foreign suckers dining on her energies there is no way the girl could be anything but bonkers right now. Her actions right now are not really her but the crap in her space, however she totally gets to take responsibility for it because she is the one who opened the door and let them in.

Addiction takes a lot more than just getting sober. I know, I tied to do it many times, especially in Manhattan Beach sober living for women I know that makes me sound just as crazy as Britney has been acting. For any addict, until these blood suckers are completely removed, there will always be a temptation taunting one to become a buffet again.

So even thought I know how to go after these energies and decimate their existence, here form PsychicGirl World, all I can do is send a psychic message filled with love more like a strong hit over the head that Britney finds her way to kick these scary monsters invading her space to the curb and close the door behind them for good. Here's to wishing you that your light reign victorious over the dark, and then some, girl.

The last time I believe the world was so taken a back by a single death was Princess Diana. Strange since the two women live such different lives. But a shocking experience is a shocking experience. Even if there was one person on the planet who didn't see Anna Nicole's life as a wobbly train wreck that had already run off it's track on its way to crash, it's still a WTF situation.

Especially since she just had all that great new plastic surgery done. I was certainly watching in awe wanting to know who her doctor was for when I'm ready to go under the knife.

See a Problem?

I'm not, NOT being compassionate here, I'm just being a realist who's a psychic who's sharing her point of view. I don't in anyway care about or want to change your belief system, I'm just blogging about mine. You know they say these things happen in threes. First James Brown croaks, then Anna Nicole drops, so okay who's next?

I've psychically looked at a lot of dead people. It's so not my favorite thing to do but, it happens to come with the territory I live, work and breath in.