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What begins as a pastoral regeneration descends into a personal hell when Kerouac suffers an alcoholic breakdown. Written in Kerouac's elegantly poetic and rapid-fire prose, Big Sur is both beautiful and horrific, a clear-eyed recollection of facing down his many demons and willing himself to survive them. Our annotated version contains a wealth of new material for both the casual reader and the student of Beat Generation literature. Maggie Cassidy is one of Kerouac's most tender recollections of his past, focusing on his first true love when he was a high school senior and a local star athlete.

Filled with the sweet innocence of youth and the daily heartbreak of quarrels and unfulfilled sexual yearnings, Kerouac employs his stylishly Beat observations toward the nostalgic time period of pre-World World II torn between the companionship of his gang of buddies and the sirens' call of the title character. Also, Kerouac is especially evocative in reproducing the slangy teen-speak of the late s.

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Overview In Jack Kerouac's teenage years his friends gave him a nickname that was prescient and stuck with him throughout his life—Memory Babe. Kerouac was able to conjure up scenes from his childhood and adolescence that astounded his friends with their precision and detail.

This talent was to serve him well as a novelist, enabling him to recall long segments of conversation that he could instantly pound out on his typewriter. Maggie Cassidy is one of Kerouac's most tender recollections of his past, focusing on his first true love when he was a high-school senior and a local star athlete. Bear in mind some of this will make its way into another Library of America volume of uncollected and unpulbished prose. With the glut of books that thankfully made our way in the past 20 years or so, we now have probably just as many posthumous titles as those Kerouac published in his lifetime.

These have added exponentially to our understanding toward what Kerouac achieved in his own right as an American writer. However, there is still much more that can be published. Or, think of them as my Holy Grails.

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I think letters to and from his immediate family is also warranted since his parents are constantly castigated by biographers. It could be compiled with other experimental writings along the lines of the standalone Old Angel Midnight. No copyright infringement is intended, but to keep a recorded document before items pass into private collections. Kerouac owned the Hermes manual typewriter from until his death in in Florida.

And to come back to Manhattan from L.

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Staple in upper left corner of second page and staple perforation in upper corner of first page resulting in minimal loss. The letter is clean and in very fine condition; the envelope is somewhat soiled with an old tape repair to one side and is in fine condition. His second wife, Joan Haverty, in fact, sent Kerouac packing in while she was pregnant with their daughter, Janet.

In Kerouac settled in a modest Orlando, Florida bungalow, which is probably where the letter offered here was written. It is presented here in early draft form for your edification and reading pleasure.

Maggie Cassidy (Annotated)

Jack Kerouac set sail for Greenland on July 18, aboard the S. But his family were in dire straits, and this was his chance of remaining independent of them, yet contributing to the family coffer. He earned. The overtime in the galley meant by his estimate an extra fifty dollars the other seaman would not earn.

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He named his mother his beneficiary after he found that the Dorechester captain had signed the War Articles and advised the crew to take on War Risk Insurance. Kerouac read the philosopher David Hume in his bunk. Hume was especially important for Kerouac at this time, for in the writer he found his theory of logical positivism akin to his own young adult notions about life.

For now, the destination of the Dorchester was a mystery to the crew, but rumblings suggested a direct route across the icy waters of the Atlantic to Greenland or Iceland.

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The ship was filled with fruits, vegetables,milk, barrels of rich black oil, planks of lumber milk, and … gun powder.