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Of all the colors that salt comes in, pink is definitely the most popular. Or at least the most common. The color comes either from the minerals that are bound in with the salt crystals, or from a salt-loving bacteria that produces a red carotenoid pigment, providing a valuable source of beta-carotene. Pink salts come most frequently from inland areas, where deposits have been left by the evaporation of prehistoric seas.

Try with barbecued or highly-spiced food.

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The brine is evaporated first by the sun, then mechanically, producing a uniform flake salt that is now used by chefs around the world. As we have seen, salt comes in most colors of the rainbow, and from all corners of the globe. Because pure salt is pure white or even translucent, the colors they gain are from natural elements incorporated into the salt crystals as they are produced. It is dotted with blue crystals which are in fact salt crystals that have been highly compressed, causing them to turn blue.

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Kala Namak , also known as black salt or sanchal, is an unrefined volcanic table salt with a strong sulphuric flavor. Despite its name, kala namak, which is mined in Central India, is actually light pink in color when ground. The effects of smoke on salt are quite remarkable: the smoke clings to the surface of the salt crystals, coating them with a rich, woody color and imparting a strong, smoky flavor.

And when the salt dissolves, that flavor goes straight into the food. People have been smoking their salt since at least the time of the Vikings, who produced salt by evaporating seawater in a big vessel over an open, smoky fire containing juniper, cherry, elm, beech and oak woods. The type of wood used has a distinct effect on the flavor: salt smoked over chardonnay oak wine barrels, for example, will achieve a gentle smoke flavor with a savoury hint of wine.

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The salt absorbs minerals from the bamboo and mud, which in turn leach the salt of impurities. Many Koreans use bamboo salt for its nutritional value and as an aid for indigestion. There are many flavored salts on the market now, but the best ones to buy are those that you would be unable to make yourself. An ideal way to add the taste of black truffle to food is to add it to salt, which is an ideal medium for carrying both the strong aroma and the delicate flavor of the truffle. And many salt companies sell prepared combinations of salt, herbs and spices to use as the basis of rubs and marinades.

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Just be aware that, unlike ordinary salt, these flavored salts will not last forever, so buy them in quantities you know that you will use. Cut from slabs of solid crystal salt, the Himalayan salt block is an innovative way to add salt to the cooking or curing process. They look a little like pink marble, but one touch with the tongue confirms that they are indeed made of salt. Those that have been subject to heat will change their appearance as a result, becoming more tempered and less suitable for presentation.

This can be done in the oven or on the stove top, but care should be taken to avoid it touching electric elements. The salt block should also be carried very carefully when hot, particularly if it has developed any cracks. If the product is purchased by linking through this review, VegKitchen receives a modest commission, which helps maintain our site and helps it to continue growing!

Their salt is gluten-free and made in an eco-conscious facility which is really important to me. A moist, unrefined sea salt produced along most coastal areas of France, it is typified by a light You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback your own site. Had also been using it to flavor my dishes. Tried it out, tasted not too bad, though I normally uses spice to flavor my dishes more than salt, but as I was walking by at a supermarket one day, something really had caught my eye; a Blue Persian Salt, which is kinda rare to see it these days — as a matter of fact, its the first for me.

Thanks Nava for the elaboration of salts and its descriptions. Thanks for your comment, Steve — credit where due, this article was excerpted from The Salt Book, by its authors. Glad you found it useful! Thanks for your comment.

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