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Some souls, weary of the constant beating and refining necessary to produce such precious results, shrivel and crumble into base earth.

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They resent life, for they feel it has abused them, and they reck it little in others. One such pitiable wretch forms the centerpiece of my tale. Just when I was rolling ahead in my imagination!! I shall indeed wait for the novel, but patience will most certainly elude me. I love griffins too.

They are mystical and mysterious and yes, the movie did throw an amazing light on them. What I love about your concept for the upcoming book is that appears to delve into the backstory of some of these creatures about which we ponder and dream. So very excited for the upcoming novel!

The Mythology of the Griffin

Congrats on hitting 70k words! That is a feat! Thou hast hit upon it! The novel does, indeed, deal with many backstories.

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I look forward to sharing more sneak peeks with you soon! Bold, I guess.

Mythical Creatures That Were Found In Real Life

It all started with a griffin. He was an Ancient.

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We will start with the griffin. Help spread the word:.

Mythology of the Griffin

Diary of a Convalescent Soul. June 22, at pm. Ron says:. Wanda says:. Amy M says:. June 25, at am. In any mythology, the griffin is portrayed as a mix between an eagle and a lion. In all cases, this creature is shown as having the head of an eagle and the body of a lion, but from there the other specific features are in debate. As any regular visitor to this site has probably figured out by now, I don't like to spend too much time debating the different interpretations of every myth. Instead, I usually go through several of the most common or popular interpretations and bring you a single, amalgamated truth and stick to it.

This will be no exception.

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The most common portrayal of the griffin in mythology is a creature with the body and regal, kingly mythical creature who commanded deep respect. Griffin mythology reads a lot like dragon mythology in that griffins were thought to be very wise and wily characters who spent a good deal of time seeking out and guarding gold and treasures. Other legends have the griffin as a trickster, much like the Sphinx, who would challenge people with riddles in a contest of wits. The winners would get to keep their lives and treasures, and the losers The Sphinx also has the body of a lion.

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Historian and folklore expert Adrienne Mayor has suggested a possible origin of griffin mythology that I find quite compelling. She points to several fossil findings of the pentaceratops - a dinosaur from the Cretaceous period - that were located near known gold veins as being influential in the belief in griffins. The pentaceratops had a beaked face with a four-legged body. Anyone digging for gold in an area with these bones would find a creature whose bones looked very much like what one would imagine a griffin's bones to look like located near their gold vein.

From there, it's not hard to figure out why people would imagine a griffin looking as it does and being known for digging for and hording gold.