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One time when Paul was singing the vocals for this song in the studio or maybe during a Beatles TV performance he screamed so intensely he passed out. He didn't konk out when performing on SNL that night. Best song ever. Bob: What you doin? The beautiful begininning coupled with the fantastic end chorus is a stunning reminder of why the Beatles are so fondly remembered. FPH Vaguebooking Kennebunkport Surprise Herby Male tears Brazil Virginity Rocks Traduzida por Andressa , Legendado por Zeno , camila e mais 8. Recomendar Twitter. Playlists relacionadas.

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Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. But when I'm singing it, that is when I think of John, when I hear myself singing that line; it's an emotional point in the song. The lyrics struck an immediate chord with the record-buying public, who related to the hopeful sentiments. Its universality was demonstrated when John Lennon later revealed that he felt the song had been directed at him.

But I always heard it as a song to me. If you think about it Yoko's just come into the picture. He's saying, 'Hey, Jude — hey, John. The words 'go out and get her' — subconsciously he was saying, Go ahead, leave me. On a conscious level, he didn't want me to go ahead. The angel in him was saying, 'Bless you. Paul McCartney took out a court order to prevent the auction, saying the paper had disappeared from his London home. Anthology 2 contained take two of Hey Jude, recorded on 29 July The Love album, meanwhile, contained a subtly remixed version of the final version.

Although by The Beatles had stopped performing live, Hey Jude's anthemic ending was perfect for crowd participation. It was fitting, then, when later years McCartney made it a key part of his live shows. It might be their most commercially successful single but not their best seller. See Wikipedia, Beatles. My favourite McCartney song with the Beatles. Sounds brand new everytime I play it, which is a lot.

Would not make my top 50 list of Beatles songs. I know. Fucking hell! Was it a wrong chord or a wrong lyric? My understanding is that it is Paul McCartney who utters the expletive because he got the piano part wrong. However, they mixed it very low and you can hear it only if you listen closely. The cited source for its information is Geoff Emerick in , one of the audio engineers present during the recording.

More probably was captured by the mics during the recordings of the instrumental parts. And I have seen a video of this session. Just John, Paul and Ringo — and it sounded great. Those boys could really nail it when they wanted to. George plays bass here. It needs correcting! Happy New Year and congratulations for the fine work!

Long live Beatles Bible! Even if there was no room for a lead guitar at all in the arrangement, George was certainly capable of handling the bass guitar duty while Paul stuck to piano, if Paul had thought to ask. I think George did play bass guitar. They talk about the right handed 6 six string fender bass in the studio on the Anthology. George also mentions in interviews that he played bass for some Paul songs. Is there? This would have been amazing! I would have loved for that to happen, George really deserved a larger part in that song.

Hey Jude (song)

I love that. It made the song even better, it really did just knowing that George has a larger part. Funny you say this Von, I actually did a demo myself of Jude 10 years or so ago in my studio and did an extended guitar fills over the lyrics and adlibbing at the end never thinking someone else thought it a good idea or something George could have done.

No I Paul was right, the last thing this track needs it widdly guitar playing which serves no purpose. I speak portuguese, and I never noticed this, but now, I listened it again, and I noticed it too. Paul does seem at times to have been too bossy in the studio but I think the writer of a song does have the right to final say as to how it should be done.

Axing the answering back guitar idea was a good one. Well, someone had to fill the leadership void left by Lennon, and Paul was the better equipped to do it. A group without a leader or moderator gets nothing accomplished.

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I also agree with you in that the writer of a song should get the final word. I mean, no one could have talked George out of all the sitars. If you watch the video of the david frost show. Now, thats probably not the released recorded version of the song, But we now know that Paul played alot of lead guitar, Drums, both George and John played Bass on some records. This you can clearly hear if you listen closely.

I see it as Paul speaking to both Julian and John. Pauls inspiration and creativity is much different than Johns. But not really about his dogs. Maybe a line or two and then he just goes off the reservation. Which she says in her book. As I understand it, Ringo had essentially just returned from his self-imposed exile from the Beatles in time to film the David Frost show. I find this odd because in concert Ringo is found playing a number of songs that he has already played dozens of times. Any other ideas? I think it was a Peter Brown book. Not sure. Obviously, it is a rumour at least, perhaps the reason Starr walked out.

He did and on Dear Prudence. Ringo is on record talking about one of his pet hates was coming back from the toilet to find Paul playing his drums. The White Album became every man for himself. My guess is Ringo was the odd man out. He was probably treated like one of the EMI staff. Think about this, only 2 months later, Paul pulled them altogher to do the Let it Be project…Being filmed in the studio. It turned out badly, but the music was great! This song should have been In hindsight, george should have got the guitar solo on Hey Jude instead of the long fade out.

George knew enough to re-do the solo for the album version. The Lads wanted to stop touring. Paul took advantage of all the studio time to create great music. Paul was the Beatles from Revolver to Abbey Road. Maybe even from mid — Always rewriting the rule book. However, why at that point was he putting the towels all over the drum-skins? A song can start in one point then transition to another.

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Paul writes indirectly about things, could be influence of old songwriters like Cole Porter or his personal temperament. Not sure if I buy the Julian Lennon story. To state the obvious, drugs were part of the daily diet of the Beatles at the time of the recording. John did have a heroin issue. I would never have guessed that. I am skeptical when it comes to veiled references and clever word choices in their songs.

On another note: I really like this web-site. Joe you do a great job.


However, this song is very clearly about Julian Lennon. I do not wish to argue, but just point out that this is by far the most valid point of this song.

Paul McCartney himself said that he thought of the song on his way to visit Julian, and then played it later for John. The lyrics explain themselves. He is just telling Julian to accept her into his life. However, John feels that part of that verse is about him. Billy, you said it was a reference to heroin, but John Lennon was the one who was on heroin. I quote:. I must say, the best source of information would be the lads themselves.

Thanks Joe and David. It would have added an additional punch to the disc without sacrificing much. It is truly a time capsule worth stepping into. Actually all the points can be true. This is why John felt lyrics were aimed at him — they very likely were. John was doing heroin — and though he denied shooting it — that is pretty much discounted as lie — he and Yoko did shoot heroin — John was trying to manage his image by denying it. Since Paul is singing to Jude — it alternates with Jude sometimes being Julian and sometimes being John.

A very common literary technique. Can you help me out with some sources? The Beatles were clever at cultivating their image. They were not always truthful, and to always believe their own words, while although tempting, may be a little too much. For example, I think that they were fully involved and aware of all the PID clues. It was a fabulous marketing ploy that still resonates today. If the PID rumors are true, it does explain Wings. I found the site listed here depressing and interesting at the same time. It was some months later that Robert Fraser brought it into their circle.