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In particular they point to three movements that neglect decolonization or turn it into a metaphor. Here are simple summaries:.

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Abolition of slavery and deconstructing the prison industrial complex rely on taking land from natives to give to previously enslaved peoples. Further, they suggest that real solidarity and collaboration arise from acknowledging our differences rather than smearing them together in order to construct makeshift coalitions:. Reconciliation is about rescuing settler normalcy, about rescuing a settler future. Reconciliation is concerned with questions of what will decolonization look like?

Decolonization Is Not A Metaphor

What will happen after abolition? What will be the consequences of decolonization for the settler? The decolonialists are in exile, no doubt. And they want Zion returned to them.

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  4. But just like the ancient Hebrews, their militant belief in their own primacy and their distinct and overtly stated lack of concern for the fate of others makes it unlikely that anyone would take the risk of allowing them to become sovereign and have power over others. The evils of the past do not justify evils to come. The tyranny visited upon a people in the past should be recognized, repaired as much as possible, and never again committed.

    It does not justify a tyranny visited upon the ancestors of those tyrants by the ancestors of those who were victimized. It also does not magically create a world where ,, people can be forcibly removed from a continent, or made to enter a covenant where their fate is not to be known until the covenant is in place.

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    4. The people advocating such a thing are either insane, have a hidden agenda, or are just bombasts who like to hear themselves talk. They are not possibly rational people who think such a thing could happen.

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      I own nothing. Most of the people who would be willing to cede property to Natives own nothing. Temporal primacy does not make someone the owners of this land, and replacing an empire with a racist, exclusionary tribal oligarchy does not represent justice. Avoid stealing. Avoid engaging in sexual misconduct. Avoid lying.

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      Avoid intoxicants.