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Become a member of NJAS and receive discounts in the gift shop and on many programs. And they just keep getting yummier and yummier! Imagine getting a glimpse into private backyard wildlife gardens, interacting with the artists who created them, having each and every garden and wildlife question answered, enjoying it with a group of fellow wildlife gardeners, all while being entertained by buzzing and hungry and feisty hummingbirds, dazzling dragonflies, glittering butterflies and other pollinators!


More butterfly and hummingbird gardens are tucked into Cape May County than probably anywhere else in the country. Mid-July is the time of peak butterfly diversity and numbers. Gardens look completely different from one month to the next so seriously consider all 9 tours.

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Learn the magic combination of native nectar plants and caterpillar plants that makes a garden especially attractive to butterflies. Design ideas and new wildlife plants will be showcased while tour participants are entertained by a blizzard of butterflies and hummingbirds. Each features native nectar plants and as many as five different kinds of milkweed used by Monarchs for egg laying to create the next generation.

With the downward spiral of the Monarch population, time will tell, but we hope our gardens will be hosting Monarchs and Monarch eggs, caterpillars, and maybe even a chrysalis. The complex Monarch migration will be both explained and enjoyed.

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Fall gardens will be full of other butterflies and many interesting pollinators. Imagine getting a glimpse into private backyard wildlife gardens, interacting with the artists who created them, having each and every garden and wildlife question answered, and enjoying it with a group of fellow wildlife gardeners. Expect clouds of Monarchs and other butterflies, Monarch eggs, caterpillars, and maybe even a chrysalis.

Limit: 25 per tour. Registration: you may register by phone at You can also see gardens that were included on the North Tour and on the South Tour. Tuck more of the insulating material leaves, pine needles down around the edges. You could probably store the crate or trash can full of Canna tubers in a garage as well. They are a lovely accent in the garden. Simply scrape away a shallow area not a deep hole , lay down the Canna tuber, and cover it with soil.

One tuber will grow into several tubers sometimes numerous tubers and send up a number of stalks that will bloom all summer and right through late fall until the first frost, drawing in constant nectaring hummingbirds. Happy Gardening, Pat. Sign up for the session that best fits your schedule: August 25, Saturday — 2 tours: a. Sunday, August 26 is the Rain Date. Mistflower with Gray Hairstreak and a caterpillar.


Shade Gardening is one of 2 new topics covered in Imagine walking out your own door into a habitat that YOU created, a habitat that fills up with wildlife visitors galore: hummingbirds, butterflies, caterpillars, chrysalises, dragonflies, ladybugs, many different native bees, beetles and other fun pollinators, songbirds, frogs, turtles, moths at night, and more! The 5-hour format 10 a. Nothing beats collective experience and roundtable discussion each workshop will culminate in a site visit to a nearby backyard habitat including my own and others where wildlife-friendly practices and design and plant selections will be showcased Three different Green Frogs called our ponds home in , along with many Leopard Frogs and Gray Tree Frogs.

So, what do you say! Will I see you in March and early April? Every walk down the garden path is full of wonder, here 4 Monarch caterpillars on Swamp Milkweed Learn to create gardens and habitats in little time, save money by encouraging seed production rather than hampering it with traditional gardening practices , and see long-term results by implementing wildlife-friendly garden practices rather than traditional wildlife death-trap practices. Then a breath of fresh air comes into his life in the form of Kelly Christmas, home help. She reminds him that there is a big wide-world beyond the four walls of his flat and that adventures, however small, come to people of all ages.

Cressida Felbridge is living the high life as a debutante in s London society. But as soon as she meets the painter Ralph Few, Cressie knows her life will never be the same again. Bronte never expected to see Alex after their one night together, but she never stopped thinking of him.

The Hummingbird House (Ladybug Farm, book 7) by Donna Ball

So when she arrives at work to find that Alex is a new colleague, she is secretly thrilled. The only problem is that Alex is now engaged to Zara When a tragic accident tore his life apart, Nick Deegan left his beautiful wife Kate and their two young children - always thinking that someday he would return to them. Now, two years later, Kate has passed away and Nick moves back home to raise the children.

Nick discovers a book Kate had left for him containing things she wanted him to know. But alongside the do's and dont's of raising their children are details of five dates, with five very different women for the months ahead. After a health scare, Brighton-based Lou is forced to confront the fact that her time to have a baby is running out.

McClung, Robert M.

Meanwhile, up in Yorkshire, Cath is longing to start a family with her husband, Rich. No one would be happier to have a child than Rich, but Cath is infertile. Could these strangers help one another out?