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Red Wings game. During an attempted rappel from the rafters of SAP Center at San Jose then known as San Jose Arena , Sharkie's jersey became entangled in the rope and rappel equipment, leaving Sharkie hanging approximately 40 feet above the ice. Sharkie remained there while the starting lineups were announced and during the singing of the national anthem. The beginning of the game was delayed 20 minutes while crews worked to rescue him.

He was eventually hoisted upward to a catwalk using a secondary rope. Slapshot is the official mascot of the Washington Capitals. He is a large bald eagle who wears the jersey number He was officially unveiled on November 17, and is frequently accompanied at home games by secondary mascots, Air Slapshot and Hat Trick. Sparky the Dragon is the dragon -suited mascot for the New York Islanders. He had served as the mascot for the New York Dragons Arena Football team until the team's demise. What made him unique was the fact that he wore two sets of colors, depending on the team he rooted for.

His original navy blue color was changed in summer to match the Islanders' return to their classic color scheme. His tail resembles a hockey stick. For Dragons contests, he had worn pink, red, and black. The fact that both teams were owned by computer magnate Charles Wang and both teams played at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum factored into this. On September 22, , it was announced that Sparky would not return as the Islanders mascot at Barclays Center. On December 27, , during the first intermission of an Islanders vs.

Maple Leafs matchup, Sparky was officially reintroduced as the Islanders mascot. Spartacat is an anthropomorphic lion and the official mascot of the Ottawa Senators. An immediately recognizable part of Ottawan society, Spartacat does his part as an active member of the community by visiting hospitals, schools, and children's hockey games. He has been involved in the "Read to Succeed" literacy drive that has been initiated by the Ottawa Senators to educate children on the importance of reading and participates by visiting schools in the Ottawa area to draw the attention of children to the literacy message.

Stanley C. Panther was named in by Darrel Ambrosini and is an anthropomorphic Florida Panther , hence the name of the team. He is named for the Stanley Cup. Viktor E. Rat was named in October in honor of the club's Stanley Cup Final run where rats were tossed on ice and is an anthropomorphic rat. Due to Mini Stanley's smaller size, he is a mascot that caters more to children.

He is a yellowjacket , who was originally yellow and has been mixed with team's blue to make green, with red eyes. Stinger wears the number 00, shortened from , for the year the Blue Jackets were founded. A prominent figure at every home game, Stinger is often seen and heard banging his snare drum and giving high-fives to children. After the —03 NHL season , the Blue Jackets adopted a new logo for their jerseys which removed Stinger from their uniforms. Stormy is the mascot of the Carolina Hurricanes.

He is an anthropomorphic pig , who wears the number 97 shortened for the year when the Hartford Whalers moved to North Carolina to play their first game. The reason for a hog mascot is because of the abundance of hog farms in eastern North Carolina and the state's affinity for a vinegar-based pork barbeque. One of the primary figures in bringing the Hurricanes to North Carolina originally wanted to name the team the "Ice Hogs", a team name first used for a UHL team in Rockford, Illinois in While that idea was scratched, the ice hog was worked into the team through Stormy.

In the season, the Hurricanes introduced a secondary mascot, a female counterpart to Stormy named Caroline, a reference to the name of the state and its namesake, mistakenly identified as Queen Caroline; The Carolinas were actually named after King Charles I of England. She appeared in two late season games as Stormy's "old friend from home" in , and has been appearing at most games through the season and all games in the NHL Playoffs.

Thunderbug is the mascot of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He is a black and yellow Lightning Bug and wears a jersey with the number He plays a bass drum to simulate a thunderclap. During the game he usually walks around the stands launching T-shirts to fans and providing a bass rhythm during organized cheers and chants. A video of the Thunderbug spraying a fan of the Boston Bruins with silly string went viral in ; less than a week later, a local television station confirmed the female performer was let go, but not exclusively for this incident. Tommy Hawk is the mascot for the Chicago Blackhawks.

He is a hawk who wears the Blackhawks' famed 4 feathers on his head, along with a Blackhawks jersey and hockey pants. Victor E. Green is the mascot for the Dallas Stars. He is a furry green alien with hockey sticks for antennas who comes from a galaxy far, far away. Wild Wing is the mascot for the Anaheim Ducks. It was chosen following a fan "Name the Mascot" write-in contest, where a fan suggested the name. Wild Wing is the first mascot in the history of National Hockey League to descend onto the ice from the rafters of the arena. He is an anthropomorphic duck. He was also featured in the animated series Mighty Ducks , wherein he received the last name of Flashblade, and a younger brother, Nosedive.

Wild Wing was the leader of the titular hockey team that also functioned as superheroes, after their previous leader, Canard, was lost in Dimensional Limbo on their way from their home planet of Puckworld chasing after the Saurians, a group of draconic beings who had devastated Puckworld; he inherited the legendary "Mask of DuCaine" from him. During the team's home opener on October 18, , he nearly caught fire attempting to jump through a ring of fire, after his skates caught on a trampoline. The exclamation mark is part of the trademarked name. From to , Youppi! When the Expos left Montreal, Youppi!

Instead of endorsing a number in the back of his jersey, he wears an exclamation mark. Badaboum was the mascot of the Quebec Nordiques.

Anaheim Ducks Wild Wing Mascot Bobblehead

Badadoum would later be adopted as the permanent mascot of the Nordiques until the teams' relocation to Denver in Boomer the Cannon was a secondary mascot for the Columbus Blue Jackets next to Stinger who first appeared in November An anthropomorphic gray cannon with wheels and a large white mustache, Boomer was not well received due to his phallic appearance. Howler the Yeti was the first official mascot of the Colorado Avalanche. Kingston was the first mascot of the Los Angeles Kings.

Sudden Death: Iceburgh.

He is a snow leopard who was team mascot from to Nyisles was a "seafaring Islander" that the New York Islanders used as a mascot [41] prior to Charles Wang obtaining the team and soon replacing him with Sparky the Dragon. Pete the Penguin was the Pittsburgh Penguins' primary mascot. He was an Ecuadorian -born penguin on loan from the Pittsburgh Zoo. Pete made his first appearance during the second intermission of a game against the Boston Bruins on October 19, He later died of pneumonia one month into the season. It is believed that his death was due to the ice crew at the arena keeping his nesting area too warm.

A second penguin mascot was loaned to the team and made it through the —72 season. Pucky the Whale was the mascot of the Hartford Whalers. Pucky was never an actual anthropomorphic mascot. It was also used as a creative and fun entry to the Whalers' Gift Shop. He was brought to life to be the Connecticut Whale mascot in and was retired when the team reverted to the Hartford Wolf Pack identity in May The women's Connecticut Whale also uses a version of the Pucky logo on their jerseys. He was a green bipedal beluga whale who wore a whalers jersey with a picture of himself on the front.

There was never a mascot costume for Pucky when the Whalers were in town. Wally the Whaler was the Hartford Whalers only physical mascot. He appeared starting at the season , but disappeared after that year. Hartford attendance was at its worst at this point after the Ron Francis trade.

Next up!!! Learn from your failures and move on. Tomorrow is a new day. My winning streak was very short lived. Tough loss tonight. But I just have to say the Pens organization really is the best and a class act, and we have the best fans around - win or lose.

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If you are interested in learning more about the special yoga programs and classes that I have customized specially for hockey players and teams you can reach me at gina liveswell-lived. Would love to talk with you about the amazing benefits yoga brings to hockey players of all ages and levels!

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Enjoying St. Checking out the parade before the Pens game! Naru bester deutscher Rapper nach uns!!! Available only at the show. Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer. Rally House. South Park, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Skaftafell, Austur-Skaftafellssysla, Iceland. Stage AE. Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro. Robert Morris University.

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    Buffalo Sabres mascot Sabretooth. Winnipeg Jets mascot Mick E Moose. Realistic Rhinoceros Mascot Costume.