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After their evaluation, it will be passed to a second reader who will do another full evaluation. After these two evaluations, the application will go to a committee for a final decision. All committees are chaired by a senior admissions staff member. You can also write about personal challenges in your personal statement, or in the additional information section of your application.

This is your opportunity to share something meaningful about yourself—a topic that shows who you are or something important to you—that goes beyond a list of activities and academic achievements. It is also important for you to reflect on your choice of topic and explain its importance, impact, or influence. Your grammar and spelling should also be free of errors. If you are a first-year applicant in your senior year of high school, you can arrange for an interview with a representative of the Barnard community senior interviewer, staff member, or alumna.

These interviews are not required, but they are an opportunity for the Office of Admissions to learn more about you, and for you to learn more about the College. Both informational and evaluative in nature, the interviews will be considered in our application review, but if you do not interview, you will not be penalized in any way. Please note that interviews are not part of the transfer application process.

Barnard does not require portfolios or auditions for any of our artistic programs. If you would like to submit supplementary materials, please only do so if it represents a substantial amount of your time, dedication, and energy. Most applicants who send additional materials do so to demonstrate talent in art including film, photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture , music, dance, theatre, or creative writing, though we have received materials demonstrating other skills slam poetry performances, for example.

You can submit a supplementary portfolio through Slideroom. Please note: Supplementary material is considered part of the application and will not be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions For First-Year Applicants | Admissions

The Early Decision plan is intended for students who passionately believe that Barnard is their first choice college. It is a binding decision plan, meaning that if you are admitted Early Decision, you agree to attend Barnard and promise to withdraw all other applications.

It is expected that students who apply Early Decision will have explored the Barnard literature and website, and will have connected with current students, alumnae, admissions officers, or faculty to learn more. We strongly suggest that you visit campus if possible. You should discuss Early Decision with your family, and should take into consideration all aspects relevant to making your college choice. The simple answer is no. Our holistic admissions process is the same for candidates applying for Early and Regular Decision.

Our GPA and standardized testing averages for admission are the same for both decision plans. However, as the majority of our applicants apply through Regular Decision, by applying Early Decision you may have the benefit of standing out in a smaller pool of applicants. Also, by applying early decision, we assume you have done thorough research on Barnard and feel it is your first-choice school; a factor we do not take lightly.

Methodology used to calculate Early Decision and Regular Decision is the same. Then, you and your family should contact the Office of Financial Aid with any questions. A math score will prompt us to look at the relevant math curriculum, grades, and any related teacher comments. Standardized test scores are one aspect of the application and never the sole reason for admission or denial.

We no longer require SAT subject tests as part of our application review. Scores that are sent to Barnard are not included in our evaluation. Barnard strongly recommends that students take all standardized testing prior to the application deadline. This will ensure that scores reach us in time to review your application for admission. We are unable to offer admission to a student without official testing on file.

Early Decision students taking exams in November, or Regular Decision students taking exams in January, may self-report their scores by sending a screenshot of their scores to the admissions office.

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Your name must be visible on the computer screen to verify they are your scores. Please send self-reported scores to admissions barnard. While we will use self-reported scores to initiate our admissions review, we will not extend any offers of admission without official scores. Barnard does not participate in score choice and requires students to send all standardized testing scores.

For the SAT, we will use the highest score in each section of each exam sitting. Testing is one part of the application review process, and having a complete testing profile can provide insight into a student's progress. We have always practiced the spirit of score choice. However, we do, prefer to see a student's full testing history to have a complete picture. For students who have taken IB courses but do not have the diploma, credit is generally awarded for higher level IB scores of 6 or 7 and some for some exams 5.

Students may use the credit for placement or degree progress. For more information, please visit our websites regarding Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate scores. Barnard will accept both versions of the SAT exam, as per our score choice policy. We will still use your highest score in each section in our evaluation.

Subject Verb Agreement - English Lesson - Common Grammar Mistakes

However, we will not score across different versions of the exam. The Collegeboard has provided us with concordance tables to ensure that neither score is advantaged over the other. As the writing exam from the previous version of the SAT is now captured in the new Evidence Based Reading and Writing portion of the new SAT, we no longer require the optional writing exam. Barnard is proud to support students from low-income backgrounds. If you are a first-year applicant and you qualify for a fee waiver, consult with your high school counseling or guidance office.

On the Common Application online, choose the Common Application fee waiver option and have your counselor submit your waiver directly to the Office of Admissions. Not at all.

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We are need-blind in our review of applications for first-year admission for applicants who are US Citizens or permanent residents. For non-US citizens, we are need aware in our review for admission.

We will fund applicants who are the best matches for Barnard. It is extremely important to apply for financial aid if you have financial need. It's like saying "And how are things with you? These are only a couple of the most important expressions you'll need to get Spanish small talk going. But many more options are available. Instead, try some of the local variants listed below: Hermano — as in other Latin countries, the word brother is also sometimes used to address friends.

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  • Man — The word used to refer to a guy, dude or bloke, generally not one that is well known to you. Used in a similar way to the word tipo in other Latin countries. The definition of blonde is very broad, and includes anyone whose hair would be considered elsewhere to be fair or even light brown. It is also used in situations of mock reproach e.

    Verbs in sentences containing this phrase are almost always conjugated in the usted form. Parce or parcero — one of the most commonly used ways to say friend, mate or buddy. Frequently placed at the end of the greetings above e. It applies as much to a friend you are addressing directly e. Vieja — The female equivalent of 'man', as above. Finca — If you are ever invited to a party outside of the city, the chances are it will be held in a finca the English definition would be roughly 'country house' or 'farm house'.

    Fincas located in tierra caliente warm areas almost always have swimming pools, while those in tierra fria cold areas are more like a traditional farm house. Guaro — Shorthand for aguardiente , an aniseed flavored spirit which is widely drunk in Colombia. Aguardiente is consumed in straight shots by the young and old alike.

    Guayabo is the noun, hangover, while estar enguayabado means to be hung over.

    Colombian Slang Greetings

    Parche — This word, whose literal definition would be 'patch', is used to describe a group of friends or any type of social outing or event involving them. At the other end of the spectrum, estar desparchado means that your social calendar is very empty, and generally implies that you are feeling down as a result. Pola — another word for a beer. There is also an alcoholic soda on sale in the country called Cola y Pola; a bizarre mixture of beer with a cola drink.

    It can also be made into a verb rumbear. Using the Spanish verb salir , to go out, does not convey to the same degree as in the English that you went out to party. So someone who gets robbed of their expensive jewelry while walking on their own in a rough neighborhood at night, is said to have been dando papaya. Darse picos — An expression meaning to kiss someone. Generally used to describe the first hook-ups between people e. Echar los perros — This phrase, literally translating as throwing dogs, means to come on to someone.

    In Colombia the common usage is much closer to being sad, upset or depressed about something e. Responding that you are will always be well received. Estar buena — A, not entirely respectful, way to say a woman is good looking. You are most likely to hear this used between a group of male friends e. It is not wise to say this to a woman directly. Estar bueno can be used in much the same way to describe attractive men. Thus hagamos una vaca para pagar el ron means that everyone needs to put some cash in to buy some rum. It is used to express disagreement and mock offence to something someone has just said e.

    Yo siempre llego a las 8. You always get to work late don't you? Listen to this one! I'm always here at 8. Parar bolas - Means to pay attention to something or someone e. Used in an almost identical way to por si acaso. In Colombia however, it is the most frequently used form of saying sorry. What a pain. The phrase ser rico , to be rich, is most frequently heard when described tasty food. Berraco — This one has so many meanings, we've had to dedicate the explanation a whole other post.

    Depending on the context, it can mean awesome, highly capable or intelligent, angry, grumpy or complicated. Read more here. Cantaleta - Cantaleta describes a telling off, or a nagging. Quit your nagging, I'm doing it already". Charro — In Antioquia charro is very commonly used to say something is funny, in the sense of amusing.

    Shall we meet there at 7pm? OK, cool. Chicanear — to boast or show off e. The equivalent verb in international Spanish would be alardear.