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The committed Christian previously suffered from addiction and came up with the idea for his Grave Chat event while burying a friend who died from heroin.

Enslaved Couple Burying Yet Another Infant. Scene from Graveside Chats Up to 4K

From his oversized coffin he will take calls, Facebook messages, Skypes and emails from people who are struggling with addiction or suicidal ideation. He will receive food and water from two tubes cut into the coffin and the entire event will be live streamed on social media and Youtube. John ran a similar event in Belfast and helped counsel 12 people who phoned in struggling with mental health conditions.

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I was number one on the BBC website for about three weeks. It went all over the world.

Talking Tombstones

People with blades or pills about to take their lives. It is interactive.

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  4. I was homeless. I was in mental homes back in the 60s in St Brendans. Once the service is concluded and the family leaves the cemetery, Charles F.

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    Snyder funeral directors will make sure the cemetery properly closes the gravesite. Committal services after cremation can involve different planning, depending on what other funeral services were conducted. In all instances, however, our funeral directors will take the lead in coordinating all of the necessary details so the family of the deceased can concentrate on other things.

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    One of my favorite activities to do in Lancaster County is road biking. Near my home in Mount Joy are numerous back roads perfect for biking; long straight stretches through scenic farmland and lots of rolling hills, not to mention less traffic.

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    I love the solitude biking offers, allowing me to get lost in thought while enjoying my surroundings. Skip to content Graveside services are the final step in the funeral ceremony.