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This page was last modified on 29 January , at Privacy policy About Hgames Wiki Disclaimers. To marry a maid a couple of prerequisites are required: You must have paid off your debt You must be in a Lover or Love Slave relationship with the maid you want to marry The maid must have impression or more The maid must not be embarrassed with her outfit for the talk You must have at least 1,, currency Unconfirmed When these prerequisites are fulfilled, you get a new option "Propose" when talking to your maid in nighttime.

Propose option when prerequisites are fulfilled last option. The next day the wedding ceremony will commence, you will be presented choice the maid clothes for wedding ceremony. Maid wears a wedding dress 2. Maid wears her normal clothes. After the wedding scene will commence with the chosen clothes after which she will gain the "Bride" status.

Wedding with the maid and her chosen clothes in this case the wedding dress.

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During Night Service, if your maid have enough impression, you will see the following option: "Pledge your love once again" option Bride relationship status "Make her your new wife" option Lover or Love Slave relationship status , this will skip the wedding ceremony event "Marry her and make her your new wife" option will appear instead if you did not install Act 2.

Pledge your love once again option in nighttime communication highlighted in red. To use the honeymoon mode, you'll need to comply with these conditions: Your maid must be in New Wife relationship status. You must purchase one honeymoon ticket of the destination of your choice from the shop. Honeymoon will appeared in the schedule once you've made your purchase.

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No rental maid should be hired before going for the honeymoon mode. If you have hired at least one rental maid, you have to either wait until the contract term ends or dismiss her. You must not run any Maid Exam related events e. If you do, you have to go for the honeymoon on the next day. Once you meet all of these conditions, you can go for a honeymoon with your maid. Honeymoon activity can be active when prerequisites are fulfilled highlighted in red. During honeymoon trip you will have two parts. Since patch v1. Since plus act 3.

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Note: Honeymoon event is VIP event but you can replayable in freemode. Run honeymoon event 2.

See the snow monkeys in Yudanaka

Skip honeymoon event 3. Hang around search for the User's maid 4.

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Hoshinozawa Mako unlock after meet her at south country 4 times. Inuno Reo unlock after meet her at oriental inn 4 times. Wassamu Hinana unlock after meet her at cosplay venue 5 times. Meet NPC maid in honeymoon event. After honeymoon trip end you can buy souvenir and title deed for unlock new room. Purchase title deed will unlock more rooms. You can buy ticket in shop for unlock more honeymoon trip. Honeymoon ticket in shop can be purchase after complete the first honeymoon trip.

The first time into vacation, you will see tutorial in your room. After complete the tutorial you will go to homestead with your maid, and you can skip the tutorial in next time. Vacation mode gameplay loop consists of the follow steps. Morning, choose a location and do activities, explore items or trigger events. Daytime, choose a location and do activities, explore items or trigger events. Nighttime, choose a location and do activities, explore item or trigger events.

Rest or Run VIP event. Skip tutorial 2. Play tutorial. Do you want to auto change the maid costume for vacation events? Location in vacation, you can move to a location in list below by move location button. Note: you can't move to other location during invite a rental maid and trigger events. Buyer Protection. Save big on our app! Cart 0. Wish List. Sign Out.

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Sign in Sign in with. All Categories. April update anime Maid Sama! Review by Fxxxo US. View all reviews. Some ryokans also have private hot spring baths, known as onsens. The popular Japanese pastime of bathing in thermal waters would normally take place in a communal spa, with men and women bathing separately. The area is known for its healing waters and is also the home of Mount Fuji, glimpses of which you may be lucky enough to catch from the comfort of the private onsen in your room.

There are plenty of ways to explore the park that will appeal to family members of all ages. Take a train to the top of Mount Kami, or cross Lake Ashi, a crater lake affording views of Mount Fiji , aboard a fully decorated pirate ship. In Tokyo , the Gracery is a great choice for families.

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Situated in Shinjuku district, the hotel features a model of Godzilla on the roof and offers interconnecting rooms. Contrary to popular belief, Japanese cuisine is more than just raw fish. Dining options are varied and include typically Japanese dishes as well as international alternatives.

A collection of over islands, this archipelago is temperate year-round, but is best visited between May and September. Things to do include snorkeling with manatees and visiting Star Sand Beach, which is so called because of the star shape of the grains of sand. Okinawa is a relaxing place to spend three or four nights at the end of your trip, but can prove quite expensive.

Alternatively, my favourite island in Japan is Kyushu. The peak times to visit Japan are during cherry blossom season between late March and mid April, and red leaf season between late October and November.

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I would recommend avoiding a trip to Japan with your family at these times of the year, instead visit in May or at Christmas. To watch the snow monkeys as snowflakes settle on their heads is a real delight in winter between December and January and you can also ski in Japan at this time. Tell us about your plans and one of our specialists will be in touch to plan a unique trip for you Trip Planner You can now add pages from around our site to your own customisable trip whenever you see this icon.

Click the icon to create your first trip. By Audley Japan specialist Jake A safe, clean and exciting country, Japan has all the credentials for a great family holiday.