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Send us feedback. One example from the Internet. Rache Vergeltung f. Are you missing a word, phrase or translation? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. Show more. Show less. Who eats well his disc of bread to food and keeps with the olives in masses, can be sure to remain spared from " Montezumas of revenge ".

Wenn das passiert, sind wir gebunden an avidya und asmita — Ignoranz und Identifikation mit dem eigenen Ego — und alle hemmenden Lastern die mit diesen Hindernissen einhergehen, wie Stolz, Wut, Rache und Ungeduld, zum Beispiel.

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If we do we will undoubtedly be bound by avidya and asmita—ignorance and ego identification and all the debilitating vices that come with those hindrances, like pride, anger, revenge and impatience, for example. It is understandable that when a person becomes vegan and experiences the truth that has been kept from them for their whole life it can be a huge, cathartic awakening. In the part of the concert concerned with the subject of "Hamlet", in which feelings of betrayal and revenge dominate, the works by the two East European composers attain the dimensions of epic dramas, allowing extraordinary emotions to be generated in concert.

Charta der deutschen Heimatvertriebenen. Charta of the German expellees. Hagens Plan ist teuflisch und, wie jeder teuflische Plan, vollkommen. Caught in a bad romance I want your loving And I want your revenge You and me could write a bad romance I want your loving All your love is revenge You and me could write a bad romance Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh! Jetzt hast du die einmalige Gelegenheit Rache an den Reichen und ihren teuren Autos zu nehmen : www.

Now it s time to take the chance for a revenge and for destroying the snob s snazzy cars: www. They found the tied-up hare, whom likewise they delivered, and then they all sought the enemy together. Nach genau dem gleichen Schema arbeitet auch 'Clash by Night'. The original version and the resulting movie with Brandon Lee was about innocent people dying and coming back with the help of a crow to take revenge. Take revenge and kill every human in the facility, or hide and plan your way through each level for a no-kills stealth approach. Abilities and Upgrades — Use Warp to teleport short distances and into objects, then Frag to explode them from within.

Ich glaube, es ist der ewige Jude in mir, der Rache am ephemeren Christen nimmt , der ich niemals gewesen bin. It's the eternal Jew in me taking revenge on the ephemeral Christian, that I've never been.

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Fifteen years later the daughters took revenge and buried the king alive in a mountain. Melusine was cursed and from the waist down turned into a snake or a fish. Aus ihren Hirnschalen serviert sie mit dem Kinderblut gemischten Met, und die Herzen setzt sie ihrem Gatten gebraten zum Essen vor. In revenge for the treacherous murder of her brothers she kills two sons from her marriage with Atli. She serves mead mixed with their blood in their skulls and gives her husband their roasted hearts to eat, telling him afterwards.

The daughter of the gypsy then kidnapped the enchanted boy out of revenge , burning him to death. The current count, the brother of the kidnapped child, had to swear to his father that he would seek out the murderess his whole life long. Without formal education and without outside contacts, because of her social class, Maria spent her childhood and early adolescence withdrawn and focused on her beauty.

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